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UGAMail – Office 365

System Requirements

Most users have the necessary operating systems, web browsers and software required for Office 365 Education, which powers UGAMail. However, some older software packages, such as Office 2003 or Internet Explorer 7, are not be supported by Office 365 Education.

Come April 2014, Microsoft will end support of the following applications:

For using Office 365 Education, users are encouraged to install Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10, depending on their existing operating system. The latest versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome are also supported by Office 365 Education.

After a second UGAMail upgrade in November 2013, users with Outlook 2007 will be unable to share their calendars.

Microsoft has information about operating systems, web browsers and applications that are supported by Office 365 available on its website.

Microsoft's website has the most up-to-date information about supported systems for Office 365 Education.